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Hi, nice to meet you, I'm Maureen! 👋

I’m a freelance translator and subtitler with 20+ years experience as a crafter. Everyone who starts to learn crochet knows that trying to understand what sc, ch, tr or sc2tog means feels like translating a foreign language at the start. I’ve specialized in translating English crochet patterns from US or UK terminology into German so that you can benefit from an increased customer base without having to learn German crochet terminology!


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Crochet Pattern Localization

Your pattern already exists, so why not expand your business and make it accessible to German-speaking crocheters? I localize your crochet pattern from US or UK English crochet terms into German, making sure that units of measurement and other important nuances are correctly localized.

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Pattern Listing Optimization

To make sure your German pattern can be found, your listing on your website, Etsy, Ravelry, LoveCrafts, Ribblr, etc. needs to be adapted to the German-speaking market. I’ll research relevant SEO keywords for your pattern and localize the product title and description of your crochet pattern.

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Subtitle Creation & Translation

You have a Youtube channel where you post crochet tutorials? To make your content more accessible, I can create video subtitles in German and English. If your videos already have English subtitles, I can translate them for you so that your German-speaking customers aren’t missing out!

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translated crochet patterns
years of translation experience

Translated Patterns

Here you find a selection of patterns I translated for crochet designers. You can find more examples on my Instagram account.

Photo of a woman carrying a peach colored crochet handbag

Crochet Bag for Beginners

This great beginner pattern by Bygalk is now also available in a German version translated by me.

A picture of crochet mushroom ladies.

Thicc Mushroom Lady

I had the pleasure of translating not only the crochet pattern for these fun curvy mushroom ladies by Mushroom Fables Crochet into German but also the subtitles for two video tutorials.

Picture of a crochet shawl in orange and red hues

Shawl "Afterglow"

The pattern for this colorful shawl by Herby’s Trendartikel was only available in German, now English-speaking crochet fans can buy it too!

Picture of two crochet angel wings key chains with pearls

Pearl Angel Wings ​

I localized the German crochet pattern of these beautiful pearl angel wings by @handmadebykw into English.

Freya Net Bag

The crochet pattern for this mini net bag by Curio Azul is now also available for German-speaking crocheters!

Frequently Asked Questions

There are around 130 million German speakers in the world. That means there are millions of potential customers that can not buy your patterns because of the language barrier! Having your patterns translated introduces a whole new group of crafters to your creations that otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy them.

Generally I work with a turnaround time of 1 week but please let me know if you need your pattern faster or if you’re planning to launch the pattern on a certain date. We’ll work something out!

The cost for translation is calculated by number of words so that you know from the start exactly what you’re going to pay. Please contact me to find out my rate per word and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Often times there’s a tool already integrated in the processor you’re working in. In Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and Google Sheets you can find it under Tools > Word Count. For other programmes I would suggest either googling if there’s an integrated tool or copying all words in the document into a tool e.g. Doing that allows you to find out the cost of translating a pattern before you send it to me and means you have full cost control.

No, translating a crochet pattern not only involves finding the German equivalent for the US or UK English crochet terms, it also means localizing measurements (e.g. inches and yards), units (e.g. . and , have opposite meanings in EN and DE) and other adjustments to make sure your pattern is easily understood by German crochet fans!

To make things easier for everyone, I use a word count tool and therefore every word inside a crochet pattern is charged the same rate. Taking the time to find the repeated words, sentences and/or sections and adjusting the costs accordingly would take me longer than just translating them. However, if you would like to save money, you can remove repeated words or parts of the pattern before sending it to me. Please just let me know you did that so I don’t wonder about weird gaps in the pattern during the translation process.

Absolutely not, just contact me to receive an offer and take your time to think about it. If you’re regularly publishing patterns and want a reliable translator for that, then we should talk! If you want to just have one pattern translated and that’s it, then that’s totally fine, too. Absolutely your choice.

You’ll only know if you try it! If you’ve never published a crochet pattern in German crochet terms before, German-speaking crocheters might not know about you or your brand and it might take some time for people to get to know you and your creations. The easiest way to find out is to just take your most popular pattern and have me translate it into German crochet terms. I’ll not only localize the pattern but can give you all the other helpful translations you could need to: Titles, keywords, descriptions and anything else you could need for your pattern listings on Etsy, Ravelry, LoveCrafts, Ribblr, your own webshop and so on to make sure people can actually find your patterns!

Yes, I do! If you’re a German native speaker, you can check out my German site or follow my German Instagram.

Absolutely! To give your crochet pattern the best chances of being found by German crochet fans, I recommend translating the pattern listing, too. Not only can I translate title,  description and relevant infos in the photos of your pattern listing, I’ll also research relevant keywords for you!

Sure, when you hire me to translate your pattern you’ll basically receive an additional proofreading service for free! While I can’t make any promises, I sometimes find errors or possible ambiguities during my work which I then report back to the designer. Finding and fixing those errors of course benefits both the English and the German pattern. Win-win!

No, at this point in time I am only focusing on translating crochet patterns as that is my field of expertise.

Both, just let me know which crochet language your pattern uses and we’re good to go!

I prefer working in .doc, .odt or with a shared Google Sheet. Other formats are possible, please send me an email with more info.

I offer Paypal and bank wire transfer via IBAN. Contact me if you need another payment option and we’ll figure something out.

Unfortunately, I don’t translate crochet patterns into Spanish, only from English into German and vice versa BUT I have good news: My lovely colleague Suset does! You can check out her website to learn more about her and her services that help you make your patterns available to Spanish-speaking crocheters.

Get your crochet pattern translated in 3 simple steps


Step 1

Send me an email with the word count of your crochet pattern. I will reply ASAP with a tentative offer for the translation.


Step 2

If you want to commission me, you send me a quick confirmation, the crochet pattern and your invoicing address. I will then start translating your pattern.


Step 3

You will receive your translated crochet pattern and the invoice via email, usually within one week. The invoice is payable within 14 days.

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